InterFACE Agency Reviews – Baby Model Success!

By Leor Golan | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Agency*
, New York City – Thursday August 15, 2013

InterFACE Agency models come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one type of model that we offer our services to. Anyone who wants to can sign up with us and is willing to put in the work to be a success can join. We do this for a very simple reason. All kinds of models are constantly requested by the industry for different photo shoots, advertisements, commercials… etc. Different jobs require different models that represent different demographics. In fact, out of all age groups, babies are one of the most requested, to fill roles for brands that require baby model representation.

Interface Agency Reviews – Recent Baby Model Success Stories

An Interface Agency Review of recent baby model success stories. Agencies have met with several child and baby clients for possible representation.

Modeling agencies have met with several of our child and baby clients for possible representation.

Here are some of our recent examples of baby models whose modeling careers are taking off:

Model Club Inc. has just contacted and requested to meet with 2 child InterFACE models for possible representation. Model Club Inc. is Boston’s #1 modeling agency and is known for getting its models great gigs with companies such as Coca-Cola, Abercrombie & Fitch, Vogue and The GAP.

Model Club’s brother agency, Model Club Kids Inc., has also picked up some of InterFACE Talent’s cutest baby models. A few dozen just in the last few months have been requested by this prestigious agency. Model Clubs Inc. provides their clients up modeling jobs for some big motion pictures like What’s Your Number?, The Fighter, The Proposal and Ghost of Girlfriends Past. We can’t wait to see what movies, magazines, and ads our baby models will be featured in!

Dynasty Models, another top modeling agency, has also scooped up a few of our baby models recently. Four of our models were called in for meetings with their parents about signing with the agency.

We’re happy to work with baby models. In fact, of all our clients, baby models are the most requested by industry professionals. So don’t worry about their age, ask your local InterFACE office about signing your child up!

*While we are sometimes referred to as an “agency,” we are not a talent agency — see: Is Interface A Talent Agency?

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