Inter FACE Agency Commercial Models Come in All Shapes & Sizes

By Leor Golan | Social Media & Content Specialist at Inter FACE Agency*, New York City – Monday August 12, 2013

When people think of “model,” they image a glamorous fashion model in her 20’s walking down a runway. But this is a common misconception of what a real model is.

The Inter FACE Agency Model

Interface Agency: The commercial modeling world needs models of all types, sizes and ages. Today it is all about the “everyday” look.

The commercial modeling world needs models of all types, sizes and ages. Today it is all about the “everyday” look.

Most models are not tall and skinny, and in his/her 20’s. Many different types of models are needed to promote different types of products. Today’s commercial models mirror the diversity of the real world. This includes plus sized, skinny, old, young, male, female, blonde, or brunet. All kinds of models have a niche that they fit into.

When recruiting for talent, employers are on a hunt to find the perfect model for the specific roles that they need to fill. This is why InterFACE Agency is the best way for models of all ages to get recruited for modeling opportunities. We have created an internet database of models’ head shots and profiles called InterFACE Pages. It is a large pool from which different scouts looking for different models can choose a model that they feel is right for their campaign. Many of our models of different ages have been recruited by employers and top modeling agencies through our database.

Check out some of our baby and adult models that have recently been recruited.

Our young models are of constant demand, but our adult clients are getting just as many calls for big opportunities. No matter what age you are, it is never too late to start modeling!

One of the great things about using us is that it barely takes any time. You simply come in take your head shots, and sign up for one of our many marketing packages. Once you have completed these steps we promote your name through marketing channels as well as your InterFACE Pages profile. InterFACE Pages uses a marketing system that is designed to sell itself! So you can stick with your day job and do some modeling gigs on the side!

Don’t worry about age. Our client models come in all shapes, sizes and ages. So whether you are considering your child or considering yourself for modeling, InterFACE is the way to go!

*While we are sometimes referred to as an “agency,” we are not a talent agency — see: Is Interface A Talent Agency?

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