InterFACE Talent Reviews – Recent Commercial Actor Success

By Leor Golan | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Friday August 23, 2013

Ever wonder how that cute kid from that cereal commercial got his role? Well it all starts with one word: “Promotion!” Models and actors in the talent industry absolutely need promotion to ensure that their composite cards even reach the desks of agents and casting directors for consideration. Inter Face provides its clients with the resources they need to make those connections. Through our Promotions Departments we are able to get Inter Face Talent actors the exposure that they need in order to get those auditions.

We offer our clients unique marketing services. We take your composite cards and promote them in two different ways. Firstly, we can post them on InterFACE Pages which is an internet database composed of tens of thousands of talent profiles. Our network of recruiters are subscribed to this long list and can easily search for the talent they need, even down to eye color if they should choose to be so specific. The database gives our actors exposure to all of these different recruiters, thereby greatly increasing their chances of being selected for an opportunity.

InterFACE Talent Reviews – Auditioning and Booking Success Stories

InterFACE Talent Reviews – Many successful working actors make a living doing commercials.

Many successful working actors make a living doing commercials.

A client by the name of Samantha was recently requested and ultimately booked for a high profile HTC commercial starring Robert Downey Jr.  One of America’s favorite cereals, Cheerios has also requested one of our clients recently for an audition. In another case, nine InterFace Talent actors were requested through an agency to audition for a new Red Robin commercial. And while nine may seem like a lot, other requests have overshadowed that one. Jodi Purdy Casting has just requested 21 of our clients to audition for a Bernie & Phyl’s TV commercial.

Our talented clients have been requested for many different types of network commercials. Some were requested through InterFACE Pages, and some through our industry connections. Either way, our clients always have the advantage for landing that great commercial acting role!

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